Should I write a press release with positive news?

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Each time my company makes an asset acquisition that should improve the bottom line over time, should I write a press release? If so, how? Or do something else? What is the exact strategy to follow with news that should build my business? How can I gain from writing about expansion news or news about profitability? Mind you, I do not investors, I own 100% of my business. Just wondering if there is a way to boost SEO with genuine news. I regularly make asset acquisitions to build my business.
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    Create news worthy articles and send it to top press release articles. You can also use press release services for that purpose.

    If you want to use a service, then write unique articles to each and every press release articles so your that the backlinks to your site will be genuine.
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    You should invest in public relations only if you have a great story to tell. Once you have come up with that story, you are half way there. You just need to get it written up. You then need to do some research to find who the journalists, editors and writers are that are actually interested in your industry. Contact them all - one by one making sure you personalise each and every email. Even compliment them on a previous article they have written. This takes time but time very well spent as you will gain the brand exposure you could only dream of.

    Do not use sites such as PRBuzz to distribute your press release as real journalists do not real them sites anyway. They do not have to as they are contacted every day with stories so yours needs to stand out.

    Here is a free guide we have written on public relations. It should help you out:
    What is (PR) Public Relations?

    Wildshark is an inbound lead generation agency. We also develop quality SEO tools. Check out our FREE SEO Spider Tool

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    Are you expecting that press releases will increase your rankings? I'm not convinced that press releases are a good SEO strategy for rankings. . Google stated that links from press releases do not increase your rankings .
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