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Have a question and going to try and explain it as best as possible.

A new business is starting in Town A. Owner lives in town B and is going to be using a cell phone for the business. No citations have been created yet as he has not opened yet.
If he uses his phone number from other town(area code) will this be a concern?

The business is not using a landline and his cellular number is different area code.

All citations will be consistent but the concern is that the phone number for the business is in a different area code then the office(its basically the border area for the are code).

Prefer not to get another number as has some existing customers using current number.
Wouldn't it kind of be like having multiple office and using the primary office number as the listing?

Is the different are code going to cause issues?
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    It's a good question, tedobee.

    It really comes down to the type of business it is, and whether or not it's going to affect the responsiveness of your target market.

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    Its a service type business.

    I am thinking it would be fine as its the first time the number or any number is being associated with the business and nothing has been built yet citation wise and its not technically a walk in type store that users are searching for like a restaurant within a few blocks of them. A service business.

    I did try and look for different service businesses in the area and noticed both area codes but not many and those not in the immediate area were lower(im sure that could be numerous reasons though).

    So yeh, basically is it going to matter the phone number is assigned to different location?

    Thank much
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