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HI everyone,

has anyone used a content spinner / service that actually provided results which you would consider worth the time vs just paying content writers to write new unique content?

Why I'm asking, since Panda I've not even bothered with a single service, software tool, whatever. I started training virtual staff to write highly targeted content instead. While it ranks very well across the board it takes a huge amount of time, mental energy, resources, cash, etc to just keep that "ship sailing"

Here's the thing, I started several years back with just 2 writers, lets say today its scaled to over 200.

I'm just getting to the point of losing my mind, its a lot to deal with.

The only way I can scale to achieve our next internal milestone is to hire and maintain even more writers on top of my real job which is running a digital marketing agency.

I hate my life.....

Anyways I was wondering if anyone has found any system that has provided quality results, time and time again over the last say 12 months?

If I can find a tool which improves output by 18% across the board without causing a huge Google Slap I will be able to maintain my team without entirely losing my mind.

On a Side note:
Something very important for all those on here struggling to make your first site, 100 grand, whatever.

Plan for what you really want to do after your financial needs are taken care of and you cant stomach the thought of another vacation.

Or you will end up hating life even though you've made more money than you can realistically use. You find yourself posting for help on a forum hoping some poor ******* out there will take pity on this poor ******* and help a brother out.

Thanks all

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      Originally Posted by izwan View Post

      Everything needs to struggle, and never instant.

      I used to spin back 3 years ago when it was still viable (i read about panda and how if content doesn't make sense or is similar to other texts it will count as duped). my method was

      1) spin using synonyms. since we're talking blackhat you might as well use a cracked program so its free

      2) sentence restructure - combine details with other details, move sentences around, add other details that the OG content didn't have, take away details that the OG content didnt have.

      ex. dog training article that talks about selling dog training toys and how they are good for your dog. it highlights all key points but you could add points like like pricing and sizes. dont stray too far away from what you want the article to be

      3) make it human readable - combine run on sentences and ideas to make it human readable. bold important text, add more or less pictures, and cater to your audiences reading level (biggest one)

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    WordAi is da best
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    Thanks for the input, I tried WordAi a long time back and I more or less thought it was a lot shiner in the ads than in the output. And it takes forever, I run massive data farms and there is no reason for their service to be slow slow. Put your Shi# on better hardware... Rant over.

    Any other thoughts or would you all suggest doing the dev in house again and create another back room private tool ?

    I really don't want to think about hiring and dealing with more staff, etc; but maybe its my only real choice today forward....

    Thanks for the insight, if anyone else has a 2cent bit to add, please do..
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      If you're going to spin and do a good job, you need to write several versions of each section, then several versions of each paragraph in each section version, then each sentence in each paragraph in each section version.

      You spend a lot of time but you end with hundreds, even thousands, of versions that are truly different and, if your writer is good, well-written.

      I've done that with Article Marketing Robot years ago. On some articles, it used to give me 1200 versions. I never checked all versions, just a dozen to 20 per article, and they were really and truly, different articles.

      Why are you spinning?
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        Funny I used to do the same thing, I think we stopped even bothering after spinner chief or whatever it was called started to show the limits of the minds behind the code.

        The spin out is for useful content on 3rd tier international sites which lock back into a strong 15 year old .org

        Just looking over an options for a client and being as transparent as possible with them. If I don't know the answer today I will ask and learn.

        Thanks all
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