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I just checked my analytics and it's showing a huge amount of activity on almost all of my sites but most have 95% or more bounce rate. It makes absolutely no sense for some of these to be getting ANY traffic, as they're brand new.

Also, when I checked to see where it's all coming from it's saying a good portion of it is from the USA, but a large chunk is from "Not Set".

I ran some content discovery ads earlier this month to two of the sites, but that doesn't explain the rest. Also, the traffic from those ads far exceeds what I paid for.

I'm not an Anaytics expert and have never seen anything like this. The only thing all the sites have in common is the plugins used, one of which is the Google Analyticator plugin.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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    Any thoughts from someone familiar with Google Analytics would be appreciated. I seem to have from a few dozen to a few hundred clicks across 11 sites I have in Analytics. Many visits are on for .01 second and the bounce rates are 95% or higher.

    Many of the clicks say they're from "not set", while most of the others are from the USA.

    I don't understand what's happened. It would make more sense if it were just one site that showed this but to have all of them show similar stats (except one) it's very odd.

    Any thoughts from experts? Mike F.? Yukon? Anyone?



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      Hello Joe Sir, Go to the Acquisition and find whether these visits are of referral source. If most of them are from referral then it means these are just spams. They don't effect your websites but crupt you analytic data. Better you use filter search option in Google analytic. The other reason could be if no one is liking your content and they are just leaving your pages by one visits of one second.
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    For that you need to apply a filter which will exclude all the spam visitors to your website. After You do not get any not set results in the website.
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