Does it matter if there's a dash "-" in your domain names?

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Im looking at picking up a few different domains for my business but the domains available all have a "-" in them.

They will be edm's so my main concern is it looks like Im stretching and overoptimizing. The main keywords that are ranking well are edm's with no dash.

Just to be clear an example would be something like "", obviously optimizing for the keyword horse training.

Any thoughts on this?
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    How To Lose Weight

    The first step to losing weight is...

    ^ this is overoptimized.

    How To Lose Weight

    The first step to losing weight is...

    ^this is not overoptimized.

    Don't use EMDs. Use branding.

    If you are still going to use EMDs, no, dashes don't matter. Google can't just not rank sites that don't have dashes, if you have the right kind of links you'll rank and if you don't you won't. Simple.
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    Assuming your other SEO on-site and off-site factors are done properly, EMD or not and the '-' does not affect SEO, if much at all.

    However, the hyphen is not commonly used in domain URL, and may hurt your branding as people may not remember about it and thus not being able to find your site.
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    Hypen used between words are considered as spaces for robots, Its a good habit to use hypen between sublinks, but not in between main domain names.
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    I personally will NEVER buy domains with hyphens.

    Well, basically your website is your brand. I would be silly for a brand website to have an hyphen in the domain name.

    Besides, hyphen domains do look like spammy - well it could be just me.
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    Dashes don't matter, it all depends if you LIKE your own domain or not.. Also, if it's short and you expect DIRECT traffic, be sure to pick up a domain that people could easily remember!

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