Am I right? - Silo vs. Nav Menu vs. Site map

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The Difference Between Your Silo, Your Nav Menu and your Sitemap

- the Nav Menu is a portal to all of your pages or categories of your pages. It is dynamic structural documentation of your entire site that your user can directly access.

- The Silo is a SEO interlinking structure concentrating link juice to a specific page or several pages on your site. It can be an internal navigation. Like a step by step process either visibly or non visibly navigable. The use can click one page with your intent to lead them to another page. However the main purpose here is to concentrate link juice to a specific page or several pages, not necessarily to put your user through a process of navigation. However, it can be beneficiary. As it can act as a sales funnel.

- The site map is static structural map/list of all the pages/categories of your entire site. It is the internets navigational menu.
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    More or less.

    The nav menu can be a part of the silo though too. They don't have to be independent. Depends what type of silo you are building.
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