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hello everyone.
i want to seo our website Vietnam Travel Advice, Vietnam Tours, Travel to Vietnam on page 1 or 2 google. now it is pr=0.
please share me how to seo website into page 1 or 2 google ?
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    There is lot of work to do for your website, Hope you have started with your keyword research and on page optimization, if you have good and unique contents on your website, no need to worry about anything. PR is currently dead now, check your domain authority and increase the domain authority to higher value.
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      I must say that this is a good looking website. Focus on generating content at least 3 times a week. This works for me. Pick a keyword for your niche and target the sub keywords that fall under that keyword. Bid mostly for low to medium competition keywords that have less than no more than 50000 searches, but no less than 10000 average monthly searches. If you are using wordpress, check out the SEO by Yoast plugin and target keywords. Feel free to check out backlinking tools such as Social Monkee if you plan to invest in paid seo. Hope this helps.

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    Make your site optimized by of page and on page, make sure that your site key words and searching queries are matching each, concentrate more on search queries which get miss on your keyword.
    Follow on-page seo strategy by optimizing title, sub tile , content and images
    And of-page strategy by article , blog posting & commenting , forum participation , bookmarking, social media participation etc
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    website looks sketchy as hell
    i can't enlarge the pictures on your site
    how do i get to the home page if i cant click the logo on the upper left corner?
    book tour page is sketchy
    i should be able to get to the home page by clicking on the top image of every page on your site
    Terms & Conditions - bad english / sketchy
    Vietnam Distance - wth is that
    the layout is just bad your layout should be something like:

    Travelocity Travel: Vacations, Cheap Flights, Airline Tickets & Airfares
    Search Flights, Hotels & Rental Cars on KAYAK
    US Airways | Airline tickets, vacations & business flights
    Orbitz Travel: Airline Tickets, Cheap Hotels, Car Rentals, Vacations & Cruises

    any layout that looks professional

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    What keywords are you targeting. Hopefully you have done some research on low competition keywords with high search volume. Have you done this?
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    Originally Posted by vietnamtraveladvice View Post

    hello everyone.
    i want to seo our website Vietnam Travel Advice, Vietnam Tours, Travel to Vietnam on page 1 or 2 google. now it is pr=0.
    please share me how to seo website into page 1 or 2 google ?

    At present all are doing social media optimization to get fast results and popularization, so you also follow social media to promote your business and definitely your website will get into Google first page within a short period.
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    LT and LSI are the safest way of getting traffic for fresh website these days, don`t even think about difficult phrases cos Google will slap you very fast for it.

    If you are looking for a tool which may find them, Market Samurai is one of the best I have used. For LSI you can even use your web browser, just start to type your main keyphrase and copy all the phrases google will propose you bellow, then try to write it in different way and do it again, rinse and repeat, you can get toons of LSI phrases that way.
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    What keywords are you guys talking about? You mean keywords that his website is zeroing in on or paid keyword search results, as in paying Google for traffic by paying for keywords?
    I am thinking keywords as keywords in posts that you add for each post in blogs. Oy.
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    Be updated with your site regularly. Make content unique, informative and attractive. Do backlink on high PA.
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      As Jase89 said; focus on your content, provide value to your audience.

      For better SEO, you may want to look for SEO Moz. This tool will find out the problems of your site if you have any and it will also suggest you how and where to use keywords within your content.

      In case if you do not want to afford their package, you can still look for their forums. These are pretty much informative.
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  • Thank you all so much. I will change our website layout and update content per week. then I will follow some social network, optimize on and off page and more.
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  • I have just change our website including layout of homepage, add more images and more. Kindly comment what things must I continue to change ? Thanks.
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    You just need to do only high pr quality link building to stay on page 1 on google. Because if your competitor also doing seo then there some possibility to beat you ranking. So do basic seo on only high pr sites.
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  • Many Thanks mr sarasotareverse, I will try to do seo on high pr sites.
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    I have gone through your website. Its On page seo is fine. Now you have to work on off page seo.

    I have some tips mentioned below which you have to follow for link building purpose.

    Article Submission (Particular article would be created and published for particular submission only)
    Blog Creation (Don't use keywords in blog, It should look user friendly (For Instance:
    Kavin Smith))
    Press Release Submission ( and are the best option)
    Blog commenting (Use only quality blogs for blog commenting don't use instant approval blogs. It can hurt your rankings)
    Forum Posting
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