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Hi, guys!
I'm going to run a website with infographics.
It will be based on WordPress.
I mean, the post structure is simple: title + big image. This image is actually infographics.
The only text information on this page is a few words of title.
What about SEO for this website? I don't want to add text description, but should I?
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    Maybe, it's a wrong idea, and I should open a Pinterest account instead of that?
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    If it's a purely informative site without any real future strategies to convert the site into a cash churning site (i.e. monetize it), then just use Tumblr instead for such a website idea.
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    Just be sure to optimize the metatext and metatitle and promote through Instagram and infographic sites.

    Engaging content. Period.

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    I think it's a fine idea, but you definitely want to promote the site on Pinterest. Go for it! People love pictures. This could be a really cool website! I did a similar thing that seemed to pick up steam from just promoting on webcomics sites.

    Engaging content. Period.

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