FREE traffic to a Fitness and medical Blog ?? PLEASE help

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Hello everybody.
I am fairly new here and to the internet marketing arena, i have a fitness and medical blog (FAUVE FITNESS - GET HEALTHY, STAY HEALTY) for about a month now i am hardly getting any traffic
Even tho my on page SEO is fairly OK.
i get about 30 to 50 visits a day.

It would be really helpful if you guys can give me some pointers on how to drive more free traffic !
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    Are you getting your visitor from search engine or any referral?
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  • If you want to get free traffic, you must check your website if you have fully optimized your pages for search engines. I checked several of your pages and they are not optimized properly.

    I suggest you check out the essentials of a well-optimized website. Have your own checklist for onsite optimization.

    Then once this is done, you can backup your onsite SEO with offsite SEO. There are a lot of ways to do offsite SEO. You can get a lot of these online. Google is your friend
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    You are getting 30 to 50 visitors it was really good. To get more traffic do SMO means Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc... postings, adding friends and groups like that. Then surely you will get more traffic to your website.
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    50 visitors a day is better than those with 0 traffic.
    Expand your social network since you said 40% from FB.
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    Firstly, you need to optimize on a page like content, Meta's (Description and Title optimization), Image ALT tag. After On page optimization, you should start Off page
    Social bookmarking on high PR sites like Stumbleupon, reddit delicious etc. which are helpful to drive traffic as well as backlink.
    Use all social media channel to promote your business.
    Business listing
    Blog and article posting
    Classified add
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    Post more keyword targeted articles and work on seo as well, doing this will steadily improve your traffic.
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    If you want free traffic, then be prepared to use a lot of sweat equity and/or creativity.

    1) Do white hat SEO strategies as listed within this forum or engage an SEO agency if you wish to get faster results (paid)

    2) Be so controversial in your post content and share it. The chances of a controversial post going viral is much higher than a good 'ol boring post.
    SERIOUS ABOUT SEO RESULTS? Stop looking for sleazy 'experts' on WF and start working with actual SEO firms.

    Check out how Shark Web, Singapore's leading SEO and SEM services company, can help you get on Google page #1 with our effective and safe white-hat SEO techniques.
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    There are no free traffic , if you involve any of your time into this it`s paid traffic (:
    Sometimes is better to purchase a traffic than waste a time of getting them by own hands.
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    Best Way for Fitness - Instagram, Twitter and YouTube

    Jamie Noel is Creative Head of VCM (Visual Content Marketing). 64% of your website clients/visits can be reached via organic search. GRAB Free Keywords from me. Ask:

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    Headaches are quite common. Everybody gets them, albeit some are more severe than others and some can indicate something more severe.
    Thou olde spinner doeth suck.
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      Originally Posted by yukon View Post

      Thou olde spinner doeth suck.
      No, you are wrong. That's very good content that will keep readers coming back for more

      Seriously to the OP. Take a topic you give a sh!t about. Something that is a real passion for you and find a way to monetize it. You'll be able to write content that doesn't suck and isn't plr junk. Give readers a reason to read.

      Why should a reader choose your site
      over this site

      Hint: both suck.

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    If your provided contents are good it'll help you to get more traffic.
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