Amazon has 3 Google results on page 1 for money keyword

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Anyone think that is too much?

How does it make sense for Amazon to have three places on page 1 over businesses that actually specialize in the niche being searched on Google. It doesn't make sense.
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    Amazon are not silly; they would have done a lot of sophisticated testing and concluded that that set up was the best way to maximize income.
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    Three is a bit much, but if you are searching for a product by name like garlic press, then I'm not surprised. Amazon is a massive marketplace and ranks extremely well in Google.
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    Instead of complaining, learn from the triple SERP & do the same with your own domain/pages.

    If your not actively trying to get double/triple SERPs your not serious about a keyword because If you was serious about the keyword you would be milking it for more traffic.
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    I'm working on it seems like SEO goes pretty slowly but we are seeing some gains. It does seem like a select group if website dominate tons of keywords on google though. Even my dad mentioned that Google is less interesting then it used to be cause of this. Many keywords have officedepot amazon staples in the top spots but I am still working on our website optimizing.
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      Seems like a great opportunity. Three results from any one site (not a brand for brand search) is hardly the diversity Google claims it wants. If no one else is optimizing it will be easier to rank.

      But I am surprised Google highlights promotes Amazon so much - having called Amazon its top competitor.

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    I doubt they did that intentionally, lol.. Instead, that tells me it's probably a fairly easy keyphrase to rank for and the legitimate companies just haven't done anything for SEO to rank above them. The amazon domain has lots of authority which is why even some of their most inner-pages can rank for different keyphrases. Still, that issue sounds like one which could easily be fixed with some proper SEO!
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