New Keywords that are Easy to Rank. Should I Add them as Pages to Big Existing Website or make new s

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New Keywords that are Easy to Rank. Should I Add them as Pages to Big Existing Website or make new small website specifically for them of About 10 Pages.

I was just wondering If would get lost with other less rankable keywords already on my big site

Here is some more specifics and Debatable queries:

My Big Site is Broad with 17 Pages and 24 keywords of of similar Niche. It is only 1 and Half month Old

New Idea and Info:

-Now this New Idea I can easily fit it in the same niche. It is slightly different but easily goes with the same Niche as the Website. The Domain is very broad.

-The New Idea would require 10-15 pages , 20 keywords

- The New Idea has less competition and much easier to Rank.

I can Either Make a Entire New Domain:

-Benefit : Domain will be closer to this very exact niche
This website will have all the New Easy Ranked Keywords as Center of Attention.

-Downside: Site will be too Small
Have to Start from Scratch

Downside to putting pages on Existing website:

Existing pages have competition. Since New Idea Does not have much competition, I would be putting it together with pages with competitors

The Point of Debate is the following:

The Big website pages and keywords are not as good as this idea so would that take attention away from them

Which is why I was thinking if I should dedicate a seperate website.

Or would you think that Each page is a Seperate Mini Website Anyways so as long as they can be put together as a common niche then would it be better that way ?
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    Both strategies are good, choose what suits you best.

    If you like starting sites from scratch, ranking and mantaining them... go for MNS.
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    Fistly you need to check your competition because 17 Pages and 24 keywords sounds very low on a website that you need to rank on first page even with long tail keywords.

    The average person is posting blogs at 30 times a day to get there website high with new long tail keyword .(post them at least 5 a day until hit 30 will be safe) 5 days work
    The blog must be over 500 words ,advised 900 words ,and the main long tail keyword only mention twice.

    leave a weeks gap( on that week join , facebook,tweeter,google+,printest, for that domain remember to mention main long tail keyword once point to the money website from all the new social websites)

    Your also need a video on the front page at least 2 minutes and not copied and o regional.
    link this from your new YouTube account point to new domain once.

    get as much .edu websites you no ,and add your main domain to them.....
    remember higher the pr the more your domain get respect.

    Repeat this to all blogs after the 2nd week is over this is week 3

    you need to do ever think manually ,so it all very slow, but hopefully a .edu catch's on then your new website will be indexed fast ......

    Do follow sites (4th week add your blogs and website to all these below....)

    good luck grate ideas above and free what a free nugget lol

    regards john.


    anyone wants to get indexed really fast add your website to everyone

    recommended only add 3 per day.....

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    Thanks Redarrows. I really appreciate it !
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