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Hi Guys,

We are working on an ORM campaign to outrank an Authority Forum site by pushing it off to the second page. We have embarked on a massive link building campaign for 3 months and managed to outrank the Authority site with Twitter, LinkedIn and other social profiles. Finally, we got it pushed down to the second page.

It was on the second page in Google.com and but, however, in Google.co.uk it returned to where it was previously before we started the campaign. A bit frustrating and we have almost exhausted all the strategies we have and the stakeholders are mounting pressure on us. The niche is option trading. Has anyone experienced this before?

Any suggestions on what to do as regards to this campaign will be immensely appreciated.

Thanks all.
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    I'm guessing that this exercise here is on the field of reputation management. Well, that's the first reason I can think to push a site from the first page...

    What you've done is basically what I might try too, but if Google doesn't find your social media profiles to be a good fit for the search you're ultimately fighting a losing battle. It seems likely that people are brushing past your profiles to seek the content that you're trying to hide anyway which makes that site seem more popular to Google.

    It's really difficult to give any solid advice on a scenario that for us is such a hypothetical one.

    If I guessed right, these are unfortunately hard cases to fight, and there might not be solid advice even if we knew exactly what was there.
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    The problem is the link strategy you did was primarily targeting the USA (Google.com) and you didn't do anything for coverage in the UK version (Google.co.uk). You need to utilize UK online properties and gain authority and trust flow from them to push up your profiles and create the relevance that your social properties should ALSO rank in the UK version. UK backlinks are really one of the few ways to accomplish this in your scenario.
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  • As CCarter said, you need region specific campaigns if you want region specific results (most of the time.)

    And I really hope this is reputation management because 99% of social links are nofollow and yield no link equity.
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    I would also have to agree with CCarter here.. If you are trying to get pages ranked in another country (for example, Google.co.uk) then you're gonna need to build up some authority from other sites hosted in the same country. Start building some links from CO.UK websites and profiles and you might find it makes a big difference.
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    As another warrior mentioned, you need to allocate some portion of your efforts for country-specific SEO..
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      You exhaust yourself trying to rank social profile pages?!?!?!?
      Like twitter, no less? You have got to be kidding.

      Yeah...like twitter is the first place I'd surf to for any info....

      What a complete waste of time.

      Simply tell your "stakeholders" to exercise their options,
      dump SEO, start advertising....


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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