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Audio sharing sites aren't just about music. They also list instructional audio articles (think audiobooks). So regardless of your niche, you can secure some quality links by submitting audio content.

These sites have a ton of domain authority and trust. Plus you cannot get these links using automated tools, so most likely your competition doesn't have them.

First you have to create a podcast. A podcast is an episodic series of audio files which users can stream or download.

Basically, you re-purpose text articles in to audio files. If you are comfortable with your voice, you can record these yourself. Or another way is to simply use a text-to-speech software or online service to generate the audio files.

From Text To Speech - Free online TTS service provides the best FREE service to convert your article to audio. Just paste the text and click 'Create Audio File' button. It takes about a minute to process and you get the download link.

Tip: provides six different voices and you can also change the speed (from slow to very fast). So play around to find the best combination.

Now I prefer to create 7 episodes to give the impression that I run regularly-updated podcast. If the podcast has just a couple of episodes then it won't get listed in most podcast directories. So you will need to create 7 audio files.

You also need to create a logo for your podcast. It is optional but most professional podcasts have a logo so recommend it.

Next you need to upload your podcast. Again you have many free options, but I like Free Podcast Hosting / Audio Podcast or Video Podcast. So just sign up and upload the audio files to create your podcast, it's pretty straight forward.

Step 1: Sign up for an account at

Step 2: Click "Create New Podcast"

Step 3: Fill in all details:

Choose a suitable category for the podcast.

Upload the Logo and fill in all the remaining details and then click "save changes"

Step 4: Click "Add/Edit Episodes"

Then Click "New Episode"

...Time to upload the First Episode

Step 5: Enter Episode Name and Subtitle and then click "Add files" button to choose the mp3 file from your computer.

Now Pay Attention: This is very important.

While uploading each episode of the podcast, you have the option of adding a date (you can choose any date). Start 7 weeks before the current date and keep adding 1 week for every new episode. This will give the illusion of a weekly updated podcast.

When you click in the 'Date data field'... a calendar pops up where you can choose any date. So for the first episode choose a date 7 weeks before the current date.

Now fill the rest of the fields and click "Publish Episode"

It will take a minute to upload the audio.

Repeat steps 1-5 for all other episodes and you have your podcast ready.

After publishing the podcast you will submit it to podcast directories. Here is a list of 10 directories to get you started.

All the tools for the media creator - Blubrry Podcast Community
Podcast Directory -
Fluctu8 Podcast Radio - Your Source For Finding Audio Programs And New Music Online
Search All Podcasts (Index)
Podcast hosting and aggregation service for easily embedding multimedia content | DailySplice
CastRoller - Find and enjoy the web's best Audio and Video
Podcasting - Podcast Blaster, The Easy Way To Podcast!
Podcast Directory -
PodcastPUP Directory Of PodCast

Most of the directories are moderated, so your links will appear as they get approved. Now these directories have a strong internal structure, so you don't have to worry about any extra work for indexing. They will get indexed pretty quickly.

Next you will upload the individual audio files you created, to audio sharing sites.

Again this is pretty straight forward, just sign up and upload the audio files.

You will be able to drop a link to your profile. Just be sensible while creating your profile and make it look as real as possible.

Here is a list of 10 authoritative audio sharing sites to get you started. - Listen to free music and watch videos with the largest music catalogue online
Free Music | Listen to Music Online | Free Streaming Radio |
ReverbNation : Artists First
Create and Listen to Radio and Podcasts | Spreaker
Concert Tickets, Reviews, Concert Tours and Live Music Shows. Go See Live Music > JamBase

...Now getting these pages indexed will take little work.

You could add these links to a third-party indexing service or fire up GSA SER yourself to create tier II links pointing to these audio sites.

...But let me suggest an alternative method, which is my method of choice, when it comes to getting these pages indexed.

You see all these sites have what I like to call "social interaction". Which means you have the option to like, comment or follow others on these platforms. And when you like/follow another user or leave a comment, you basically add your profile link on the other person's profile.

So what I do, is pick some popular users, preferably in my niche or in general and interact with them. I will either follow them or post a comment.

This way I achieve two objectives:

1. I get my page indexed in a hurry.

2. I make my profile look legit and real and don't look like a spammer. Consequently, I give myself the best shot at my links sticking permanently.

So that's it. It's pretty simple and straight-forward once you know what to do.

I hope you will use this info and build some useful links to your sites.
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