how can i get traffic from USA ?

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Dear ,
i have to 2 Questions first i want to bring traffic from usa ??
second i want to know what is Duflo service for backlinks and web 2.0 ?
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    You should use SEO techniques with USA sites only.USA business listing ,classified ads posting,Forum posting are some best techniques.
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      Every audience is different, and needs a different strategy.
      I strongly suggest an American write your content (he'll know how fk'ed up we are!).

      Some content simply won't sell to Americans, and some content will only sell if you phrase it right.

      America is a big 'bag of worms' you are opening...
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    nice thread.thanks for all replies.
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    By submitting your website on .com websites and also try to connect your website to good authority websites.
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    For getting traffic you need to first target your website in USA location itself and second things is that you need to creates links and profiles in USA based websites.
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    First you should check target search phrases on Google Adword keyword tool where you can check search terms used by people living in USA. Moreover, you can look after US forums and communities where US people are communicating more. You will get better idea with this. Try to build connections from the same location. Do not add everyone from any area.
    Check out the local listing sites from US based location.
    Find out websites which are performing well on search engines in US based location.

    Participate in #YoKart100Startups to start your Online Store for Free

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      In your question No 01

      You can use facbook fan page and Group where you have a possibility to get huge visitors from facebook in this case you must use usa based page or group.

      In question No 02

      You need to apply white hat method of SEO so that search engines will be your targeted source of traffic.

      Finally if you need any help for seo I will serve you if interested.
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    Hello friend,
    USA free classifieds could be a great source for huge traffic specially backpage and craigslist. Blog commenting on USA blogs can also draw good traffic. Thanks
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    You can try with Social Media sites.. Or even PPC if you have a budget to work with!

    A blog that will show you How to Lose Weight with a cool Quick Weight Loss guide...
    Also enjoy some of my favorite Funny pictures and photos that will make you smile :)

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    One small tip is using .us TLD for promoting your website
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    Create US based backlinks.............thanks
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    Before you get traffic from USA, you need to do learn and do your homework first. Do you already have a website now? Or are you still planning to make one? If you are still planning to make one, you need to learn and apply these tips I have for you.

    First, you need to learn how to get traffic from USA by analyzing what niches, keywords or terms are very popular in that country. Second, try to analyze the number of searches and competition level of the keywords that are mostly searched by US audience. Third, compile all the keywords and choose the top 10 with the most number of monthly searches and low competition as well.

    But if I were you, I don't know how knowledgeable you are in this field, I suggest that you try to invest your time in an effective SEO training course that will be giving you tons of organic Google search clicks from the US audience. It will be worth it once you spend time learning it. But don't just learn though, take action.

    I hope this helps you a bit if you are open-minded. Cheers and good luck!
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  • If you want to target the US market, try to do local SEO. There are tons of ways to get US traffic like local business listing. You may also target local or geo keywords to attract the right market.

    Aside from that you may also do paid hosting which helps you target your local audience.
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    If you want to get PURE US traffic, then try paid traffic like PPC.
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    Originally Posted by mohamedhussein View Post

    Dear ,
    i have to 2 Questions first i want to bring traffic from usa ??
    May I just answer the first question...

    To get traffic from USA, you can use facebook advertising and target the USA audience. There are millions of them out there.
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    I'd suggest you set up different ad campaigns targeting people from the US. Of course, you'd need a budget for it.
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