How can i check ranking in a different country??

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Hello guys

I want to know the ranking of my keywords in a different country. Can i check it by using Google-Country domains?? Will it give the exact results? Or whether the result depends on searching location?
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    Yes you can check it with the help of google country domains..
    To my knowledge results will be accurate and also there might be change in results due to search locations...
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    No, you can't really rely on Google's country domains. They serve whatever they see fit based on your location, and the domain might just adjust the language. However, there are some URL parameters that may help you.
    Links in signature will not help your SEO. Not on this site, and not on any other forum.
    Who told me this? An ex Google web spam engineer.

    What's your excuse?
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    Thanks @nettiapina, found the blog interesting.
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    The blog nettiapina share is very useful! I was gonna suggest you do #1, by changing the settings related to which search results you want to see.
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    Use cr parameter in Google search url.


    here AE is the country code of United Arab Emirates, Find your targeted country code(See List), and replace it with AE.
    Hope it helps!
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    You can use proxy websites to check your ranking in different countries or fro m incognito window to check rankings.
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  • Profile picture of the author Ranksword
    Yes you check it by using Google-Country domains but make sure you don't login.
    It should work well as long as they don't detect your location.
    Check your website worth -
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    What you need is the Rank Tracker tool by LinkAssistant. This application has the option to check rankings from different countries and even from cities of those countries.
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