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My wife's website is Baby Headbands & Baby Hair Clips, Baby Hair Accessories, Girls Hea (children's hair accessories), it is running on Wix CMS. We are getting 0 organic traffic...Website simply does not rank...We have some backlinks, but it seems like it's not enough.

There are few websites which have less relevant backlinks than our site, but we don't rank as well as they do...These sites are on the first page of google SERPs (google.co.uk keyword - baby headbands uk), while we are on 4-5 page. Really don't understand why? Maybe it is Wix ???

Any advice, constructive criticism or suggestion would be very much appreciated.
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    Hello OP ,

    There are some serious On-page Seo error in your website , please check them and sort them out .

    Baby Headbands & Baby Hair Clips, Baby Hair Accessories, Girls Hea such kind of links are not good for SEO .

    Use Breadcrumb navigation .
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    I think the structure and design of your site is not as good as it should be in seo point of view. The CMS will also may be the affecting factor. I suggest you to have some professional SEO advice to improve your site appearance and structure and also for good keywords optimization.
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    I have never used Wix before, but it just might be the script that's difficult to work with.
    Have you considered switching to Wordpress? It's so much easier to optimize a wordpress website.
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    If all your backlinks use the same anchor text you just used here I'm not surprised it isn't ranking.
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    Your website is not SEO optimized, So I would recommend you to make SEO friendly website. Do find keywords and optimize in your website. Write content accordingly.
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    SEO fail.... I'd recommend looking for an SEO pro who can help you or atleast tell you what to do about it but as above your anchor text is the same on all backlinks... that needs to be changed for a start... get an seo evaluation online.... plenty of places that would do that for you... even software that can guide you.
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    Maybe there is on-page-Seo error or there might be effect of Wix CMS..
    Use google analytics to know exact analysis regarding your issues about your website.
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    Absolutely amazing Only 2 or 3 constructive comments... The rest of the so called pros have wasted their precious time on posting comments like "serious On-page Seo error" etc. without even looking at the website (I have checked google analytics actually !!!) or / and checking the source code .

    Guys, I really don't know how do you make money ? If I was to hire a SEO expert I would stay away from most people in this post
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