[Want to Share] List of SEO Tools

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- Function: To see competitor backlink
Majestic SEO
- Function: To see competitor backlinks and see the quality through the CF and TF
- Function: for keyword research blog
- Function: Spinner unique and readable
Instant Link Indexer
- Function: Accelerate index websites / backlinks
- Function: Competitors research (see keywords entered, see backlink, and demographic visitornya).
- Function: looking for a quality domain age
- Function: backlink checks and competitor research
Google Webmaster Tools
- Features and facilities provided by Google to facilitate the use of the Website in Search Engines. With Google Webmaster Tools, we can observe about the movements and activities of our site in search engines.
Google Keyword Planner
- One of the free tools that can be used to find potential keywords

if anyone would like to add?
write the names and main functions
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    I like




    Google Analytics
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  • Traffic Travis
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    thanks for sharing. it would be better if the write function, so that the beginner like me can learn
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    I want to add Google Webmaster Tools.
    Function: Constant website analysis, alerts and error reports
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    This will very helpful for all the SEO users. Great
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    I would prefer

    1. SEMrush
    2. Ahrefs
    3. Majestic
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    I'd add the Google Keyword planner on the list, it's a very useful tool, IMO!
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    • i'll add the google trends to list, it's very useful for link building works.
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    I prefer to use majestic and semrush for my SEO effort.
    Thanks for the share
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      functioning noggin
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        Google Keyword Planner
        To get the apt keywords and we can have wide range analysis on keywords. It's my favorite free tool.
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    I use Ahrefs, google analytics and google webmasters only for my SEO efforts
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    Thank you for everything, I hope no one wants to share anymore
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    I use google webmaster
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    What about Alexa.com and Quantcast.com? Great for seeing demographics and where traffic comes from and goes to for sites.
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