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OK forgive me for this but I cannot get one part of SEO and Keywords right in my head:
Do you actually need to tell some SEO program or Search engine what your Website keywords are?

I know that All-In-One-SEO has specific boxes that you enter your keywords in, but is this really necessary and is this part of the program just adding your keywords as metadata?

When I use SEOQuake to diagnose a Website it tells me what all the Keywords are: sometimes over a thousand singles and a reducing amount of double, triple and quadruple keywords.

So it appears to me as if the search engines are determining the Keywords themselves.
The other Part to this question would be if you are required to add your keyword somewhere such as in the All-In-One-SEO boxes how many do you put there and why?

Forgive the Silly question but I have only been doing this around two to three months always thought the only stupid question was the unasked question.
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    These are the strongest metrics for ranking pages (in no particular order).
    • Page title
    • On-page plain text
    • Followed relevant internal links from authority pages
    • Followed relevant external backlinks from authority pages

    Learn those 4 things & you will rank pages on Google SERPs.

    Learn how to research backlink profiles for finding authority pages.

    There's a bunch of other things that can be done for tweaking the SERPs (ex: Local, schema, images, etc...) but the list above are core things that need to be done for ranking pages. Everything else is optional.
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    I think firstly you have to laern basic SEO, which is on n off page, that will lead to your question's answer.

    It's always important to put that into your on page optimization the kw you wanna rank for, google needs to know that and if you don't tell it then it might not rank you even if you have much much better content/ value in your website than ur competitors..

    all is just because you have a bad on page optimization...

    So, again,, learn the basic of on n off page, and you'll be great.
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    First you need to get full knowledge about seo.Then do effective off page seo techniques to get high rank in search engines.
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    When it comes to all in one SEO, what you are doing is just to make the search engine job of knowing what your website is all about easier - it does not mean that you'll automatically get ranked higher because of that one factor alone unless SEO competition level for your niche is so low.
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    Learn basic seo tips and then do proper off page seo technique to get high rank in Google search engine.You can do smo to promote your website as well as to boost website traffic.
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