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    You make a site that people really want to share


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  • You create share-worthy content and get your audience to share it

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      Originally Posted by selfdisciplineacademy View Post

      You create share-worthy content and get your audience to share it
      Thanks for explaining agmccall's comment in your own words.
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        As far as I can tell, "viral" content is almost always "seeded" with an initial paid push.

        Typically that's through Facebook ads, Taboola and/or Outbrain. (As far as I understand, these techniques *are* compatible with Adsense, because they are not direct "paid" traffic as you would get from traffic networks etc.)

        You create a piece of content that you deem to be highly shareable. You push it with ads. If it then takes off with organic shares, you recover your investment and then some. If not, you lose.

        The major viral sites like Buzzfeed and ViralNova are very good at identifying what's likely to be shareworthy, so they tend to win the bet often enough to keep their business going.

        It's very difficult to go viral organically these days. Facebook reach is plummeting for business pages, and the stuff just doesn't get seen without a paid push.

        That's how I understand the business. I'd love it if someone with more knowledge would chime in.
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    This is a big subject. If you want to begin delving into the answers, investigate what made other sites go viral, practice "competition re-engineering" and try to do the same yourself.

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    Isn't trying to get your site to go viral a waste time/money?

    That is...what are the chances that it will ever happen for the average or even skilled marketer?

    Correct me if I am wrong, but it just seems like a poor business decision.
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