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Thanks to all that have been helpful in the past ! I own a Carpet Cleaning business and a small remodeling business in Virginia beach Virginia. I seem to be stalled on page 2 for most of me keywords .Here is a list of what I have done over time .

1. 208 Page WordPress site. Installed yoast. All pages SEO correct .
2 .Site is responsive.
3. No Webmasters Issues.
4. LOTS of social site bookmarks and directory submissions.
5. 70 / 100 Desktop Speed Test
6. 50 / 100 Mobile Speed Test
7. Google Places Verified .
8. Domain is over 5 Years Old .
9. Last Month Analytic (Sessions) 591 (Session Duration) 2:58 BR 69%
10.LOTS of internal linking.
11. High Volume And Niche Keywords . Rankings from 2 page on !!!
12.SEO Spreadsheet
14.Local Citations Via for competitors citations.
15.707 Backlinks per moz toolbar.
16. Schema data markup on main pages.
17. Some PBN's Tiered linking.
18. Used fiverr for some .edu and .gov links .did nothing .

What am I missing ? Where am I going wrong ? Is it as simple as getting local sites to backlink to my sites ? Will reciprocal links not help if I get local sites to trade links with me . Thanks Mike
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    Here's my advice.

    And for a change I will be serious.

    You need to hire a real SEO with a track record to assess what you have and advise you on what to do. And by real I don't mean Mainstreet Host or Boostability or any other large national outfit that sells link packages.. Unless you want to rank even lower.

    I say this because you've thanked everybody here for their FREE advice and deploying what you've learned has taken you to page 2 where the highest scoring losers are.

    Virginia Beach has a half million people living there. And carpet cleaning is a pretty competitive industry. I know, I have a client that owns a cleaning business in Lexington KY. Lexington only has 250K or so residents. I can only imagine how much tougher that key phrase would be in a market with double that many clients. All of the business is on the first page up inside the top 3 spots.

    A real pro with a track record can at least look what you have over and advise you on how to move forward. It may be that you don't need to do much other than undo some of what you've done.

    I will tell you this. I can outrank a competitor that has a overall sound internet presence and over 2000 back links pointed at his site.......

    With the same thing he has and only 10-20 back links.

    Having the right back links is crucial.

    Quality over quantity is my rule for back linking.

    I don't work in VA so please don't IM me with questions.
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    Just a few observations...

    1. Yoast doesn't mean your pages are really SEO'd well.
    4. Social bookmarks are useless for rankings.
    5. Your site is slow.
    12. WTF is an SEO Spreadsheet?
    18. EDU and GOV links are a big myth.
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      Originally Posted by MikeFriedman View Post

      12. WTF is an SEO Spreadsheet?
      im wondering same, but im a noob and wasnt sure if i just didnt come across it yet.

      wouldnt 'lots of internal linking' be a potential problem, or no? im just imagining hes got every post linked out to every other post on his site. seems that would be a bad thing?
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    Only thing you need to do is hire some seo expert and do effective off page seo techniques as well as smo to bring traffic and high rank in Google search engine.
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