How to block Spammy referral traffic?

by mivid 4 replies
Hi guys

Recently i have been dealing with refferal traffic spam mostly from Russia(no offense pls).
I have made an exclusion list in Google analytics. But the same kind of traffic are seen in ma other sites too(same server).

1.What is the exact solution for this?

2.I have seen that it would be better to block it through htaccess file. Is it ok?

3.And ma real question is what is the benefit for these spam sites?
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    You want block websites or country Traffic..?
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      I want to block spammy referal traffic from sites like:
      etc etc.. there are more ..
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    only thing you can do is filter out the stats in GWT. go to the website that is sending you traffic and request for a removal of the link that is pointing to your site. otherwise, best thing to do is disavow it and ignore it.
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    You have to exclude these type of spammy links from GA refferal traffic for each websites separately.And also this filtering process will be taken more than a week.
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