it takes how long to see a site get a decent of 1k visitors per day?

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provided you daily at least post one or two contents or more.
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    Originally Posted by Devilfish168 View Post

    provided you daily at least post one or two contents or more.
    Posting content daily has nothing to do with getting visitors.

    And your question has far too many variables for anyone to answer.

    It will take somewhere between 1 day and 200 years.
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      The question is flawed, because as Mike mentioned posting content daily is not what gets you visitors.

      From an SEO perspective, it would be posting optimized content that has relevant social signals, and backlinks that are related to keywords identified via research you have already done.

      From a broader marketing perspective visitor acquisition comes from multiple sources, ppc, social media, word of mouth, however you advertise.

      So to answer your question.

      You will get 1k visitors daily when your efforts are significant enough to attract that many daily visitors from any number of methods to get traffic to your site.
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    There is no number fixed you must post content daily just you must know that you must post content on high page rank website
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    Write and post the content is not enough to fetch you visitors. How you distribute is also important. And how your readers react with it also important (which ultimately leads to content quality I guess). The "react" in last sentese is most important. If your readers shares it on social media, it can fetch you huge number of visitors. If they refer your website and give backlink, it will boost your ranking in search engine.
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    it takes how long to see a site get a decent of 1k visitors per day?
    The correct answer is 87 days.
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      Originally Posted by yukon View Post

      The correct answer is 87 days.
      The correct exact answer is 87 days, 3 hours, 19 minutes and 42 seconds.

      Jokes on the side, Devilfish168, you question is too broad. I will give you two real examples of two of my sites.

      - Site 1. Micro-niche (videogame guides). It took 2 months to get 1,000 visits per day from organic. I created 400 posts of content in 4 months at an average speed. After one year it receives 3,000 visits per day without working anything in the last 6 months. Site 1 was created nearly 2 years ago.

      - Site 2. Personal blog (more related to passive income and online marketing). I created it 11 months ago and I didn't reach the 1,000 per month yet.

      As you can see, depending on the niche and many other factors it can vary a lot. For my Site 1 it took only 2 months and for my Site 2 after almost one year less than 1,000

      I hope it helps!!
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  • No correct answer for this.

    This depends on the quality and quantity of post you have made and how much SEO effort you put into your site.

    Besides, if you want fast traffic, can consider advertising solution like PPC.
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    If you want visitor for that you must increase traffic for website with help of social media sites such as Facebook , Twitter and Google +
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    I think that is wrong strategy here - sitting and waiting. Work hard in the directions you are good at and I believe sooner or later you will be rewarded for your efforts.
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