How to check weather my websites as Crawled or not?

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How to check weather my websites as Crawled or not? I able to check my backlinks at ahrefs but when i see the crawled pages list it shows 0
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    Go to Google type in and see how many pages it lists.
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    You can write cache: and click enter and you get cache result. You can also do this for all your website pages.
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    Thank you i am able to see my list of website url but how to make my crawled list of 0
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    Just type cache:yoursite name, if you want to request Google to crawl the site, Go to webmaster tools and do fetching.
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  • You can find whether your site has been crawled or not through the Google webmaster tools. The crawl stats tab in that tool can help you find how often Google bot crawled your site. If you have any connectivity errors, there are less or no possibilities for your site to get crawled. Publishing fresh content on a regular basis and getting others to link to your website are some other methods to get crawled regularly.
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    I assume your idea is to write WHETHER your website is crawled.. Just type cache: (and you will see if it's cached or not!)

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    Google webmaster tool is best for checking whether your site is crawled or not.
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    i think OP want to know if his site is crawled not indexed.

    for this i suggest you looking for awstats which you will find in your hosting control panel, it lists all the spider as well as general visits(its not good as analytic, but it will give you detail about each spider crawling your site)
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