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I have changed the niche of my site from a loyalty software website to a web development company website as the market of the software went down. I disavowed the backlinks for the previous one and completely redesigned the site. My site is still listing for the loyalty software keywords. Its been more than a month and my website and mobile development keywords are not getting listed anywhere in Google. In need of some serious help.

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    Hey Lara,

    Changing the niche of a site is a truly daunting task: once branded, always branded (not really, but it can be tough ).

    Stupid question maybe, but are you pinging the SE's? Letting them know you changed it all?
    Is your sitemap setup correctly? Is your homepage SEO optimized?

    Just wondering, that's what I would ask myself
    Let me know!
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      I have done all that you've mentioned. I also have started building quality links to the site. But then, no luck, it's not just showing up for any of my keywords
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        I hate to say this but I would say you were foolish and paying the price. WHY?!?!?! would you disavow links?

        Basically what you are saying you did is remove one site and replace it with another. you should have 301'd what you "had" into what you "have".

        The greater question at this point is did you go into Google and de-index the old before you brought in the new? I think we know the answer to that. you at this point have a cluster Flick on your hands.

        I personally would go in and de-index and let that sit until you go into Google and nothing appears when you type in your domain name. Once its all gone.. then re-index the new site.

        not that I have ever looked but can you un disavow links? If you can I would be doing that after the above process and 301 redirect all of that juice back into your site.
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    I'm guessing the anchor text for the backlinks are "loyalty software keywords". If you no longer need to rank for those keywords, you can see if you can change as many of those anchor texts to the keywords you want to rank for. Depending on the backlinks you've gotten, this may or may not be possible.

    If it's not possible, then just leave them be and start building backlinks with your keyword as your anchor, like before. Leaving them there is absolutely fine, and probably suggested. Link juice is still going through and filtering down into your relevant keywords through internal linkage. Ranking for those unwanted keywords solely through backlinks won't stop you from ranking other keywords.

    If ranking for the unwanted keywords is something you really don't want (i.e. it'll go against your business plan, attract the wrong kind of crowd) by all means, take them down. But if you don't need to and it's no big problem, definitely leave them.

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    There is an amazing SEO thread here on forum, you will get help from some real SEO veterans there..

    Good luck
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    Thanks for all your replies. savidge4 - I disavowed because the niche of the previous one is totally different from the one now. Thanks for the advice on de- indexing the site. Will try it out
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      Originally Posted by larajones View Post

      Thanks for all your replies. savidge4 - I disavowed because the niche of the previous one is totally different from the one now. Thanks for the advice on de- indexing the site. Will try it out
      I understand why YOU did it.. But kind a standard practice these days is to buy aged domains with backlinks already. ( your lazy mans link profile ) they take advantage of the existing linking. and the niche really doesn't matter all that much. Its great if it is a match but it not overly required.

      I will say that it was a mistake on your part, and if you can I would reverse it. you just threw perfectly good juice down the drain.
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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    Do quality work and generate quality backlink.You can also use social media network to promote your website and keywords.
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    give it time and work at it. all things change. rule number 2 break the rules

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    Honestly, there's just not enough information here to go on, but you always start with content. So if the site is not ranking well then your content is not where it should be. Forget about trying to undo disavow links and stuff like that; the ONLY thing you can do at this point is look at your competitor's websites, see how much content they have in place to warrant their ranking, and then do a better job than they are.

    Everything else mentioned in this thread is about 10-15% of your total SEO score....and your content is the other 85-90%.

    For example, for my web design website to rank well locally, I needed close to 60 pages of great content to crack the top 5 for "web design", but I only needed about 5 pages for "copywriting" and 15 pages for "SEO" to take the #1 ranking. The competition alone decides that. And nobody here can tell you what it will take in your area without doing some homework, and that's 100% on you. If you plan to sell people websites then this is something you should know anyway, so do your homework.

    Learn to sell like a pro through Web Synergy's marketing blog.

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    Were you able to setup a 301 redirect from the old brand/domain? You must resubmit to Google Webmaster Tool in order to index them.
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    Don't base the success of your website or niche on search engine marketing. There are tons of places online that you can get targeted traffic from - and if you use paid advertising, you can get traffic on demand. Like right now! I understand you've put alot of time and effort into your business, but the last thing you want to do is get attached to a niche/product that is totally unresponsive to you.

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    Thank you everyone for your valuable replies. I will try to follow what you all have mentioned.
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