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Hi guys. I'm thinking of creating an information related site on a specific topic, which I plan on monetizing by using AdWords. According to the content of the site, I would say that an .info domain would be more suitable. Would this however have any impact SEO-wise?. The other option I have is using the .net extension (.com is unavailable). Thanks for your insights.
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    Hi chinaski,
    What is the niche?

    It is usually possible to get your dot com domain by adding just a word at the beginning or the end etc to the original domain you were trying to buy. As long as you keep it relevant to your audience & niche.

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    Do a search for new york subway or any variation.

    Has nothing to do with SEO.

    .info was created for, well, info.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    The TLD has effect on which country you wish to target in the SERP's.

    You could get both and just 301 one to the other or you could log in to google webmaster tools and set up international targeting but generally speaking it isn't going to have a huge impact.
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    Personally I would recommend and choose the .net extension of .info a majority of the time. Unless you find a really catchy domain hack like find.info or something stick with .net

    .net is going to have significantly more credibility IMHO
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      So, say that you would like to create a site on info about greek mythology, or a specific aspect of greek mythology (this is just an example). Would you guys still go for the .net? From some of the comments here or info I've read elsewhere, It doesn't seem to make a difference SEO-wise, right?.
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  • The only disadvantage of having a .info is that it's not widely familiar with people. Most people trust .coms, .nets and .orgs.
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    I agree that .com, .net, & .org all have more credibility with the masses, but something you need to consider when choosing your domain name is if the word or phrase in your domain name is trademarked.

    Most names are not trademarked, but if someone has their sites on creating a brand, then a trademark means that all others who use a protected name will have their domain stripped from them and that would be a bummer if you have developed a high traffic site.
    Good Luck!
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