Majestic and ahrefs data in one SEO tool?

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I've been looking pretty hard for a tool that can give me a more accurate link profile of my site and of my competitors but I've been drawing a blank. I think it's fairly well established that majestic and ahrefs have the best link databases however I see a large disconnect between the links returned by the 2. Between the two Ahrefs wins hands down but there's a lot of links in majestic that don't show in ahrefs either.

Can anyone suggest a tool that combines data from both and possibly adds a few more bells and whistles. You know like rank tracking, unnatural link detection, email alerts, social mentions etc. I was closing in on cognitiveSEO because some source mentioned that they aggregate data from the 2 providers but it seems that as of late they've stopped sourcing data from ahrefs.

Anyone got any suggestions?
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      to the best of my understanding raven only uses majestic data. i gave their trial a shot and that's what I figured. can someone confirm if they use ahrefs data as well?
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    my bad., assumed they are using ahrefs as well., anyway someone would answer your query.,

    I just had a quick look at raventools, i think they are not using ahrefs.,
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    SEO SpyGlass will let you import data from both Ahrefs and Majestic. You have to have a subscription to each though.
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      Yeah I'm aware of that but I was hoping to pay for 1 tool instead of 3
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        Google web master is the best seo tool.
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    I think there isn't any tool out there that covers both ahrefs and majestic seo. But I do know that, ReportGarden is working on both and will be integrating them pretty soon.

    P.S: I know this because I work with ReportGarden.
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    I can help you with AHREFs, SEMRush & Long Tail Pro reports if somebody wants. I've paid subscription to these.

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      There is a tool that Matthew Woodward was promoting recently on his blog. SERPed was the name of it. It claimed to pull data from many sources including Ahrefs and Majestic (a few more good ones though).

      When I went to check up on it it was closed to new sign ups (maybe a beta or something). You might want go over to his blog and look for the entry or just search for SERPed to see if it might be what you are looking for.

      Hope this helps.

      Writer for hire

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    Siteoscope is one tool that is created by one of the leading SEO companies in the Philippines with years of industry experience but the tool is still in beta. Very low price and worth checking with 1 month trial. Then there is RankRanger which has a more friendly UI and is used a lot by Australian companies (not sure who made it though. I think it all comes down to personal preference and how much you want to pay.

    When it comes to backlink analysis, I think there was one tool called LinkResearch or something like that that combined the API of Ahrefs, Majestic, and other backlink tools. Or you can import your CSV files from those tools into one big spreadsheet.
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    both tools is good. but Ahrefs give you more data. more means you can even dig down and see the content also. in Ahrefs you now see top content of competitor, top keywords Organic and Paid. Which content bring more links. links sources. and lots. of data. i have both tools. if you need report send me PM i will do reports for you , you can easily compare which one is good which one is not. i am providing competitive intelligence services and i have to say that Ahrefs win the Game.
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    pm me for more details
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    openlinkprofiler(dot)org it's also very good
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    a microsoft excel extension?

    SeoTools for Excel
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