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Hey guys is there any auto backlink submitter like forum comment posting and so on. Are these okay to use for building backlinks ?

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    No it's not safe and wise to use such auto backlink submitter . They will hurt your rankings for sure . Google is really serious about Spamming and will take action fast .
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    There are many softwares that do this, magic submitter, GSR SER etc etc they are useful tools in the right hands, but for blasting links no..
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    that is not safe my friends ,think to build an authority blog back- links will cam automatically from authority website in your niche that what google like
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    Few years back scrapebox,magic submitter and senuke we used for some auto submitting tasks. But now strongly not recommend that softwares for backlinking process.
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    this 'auto' will make your serp depreciate, my bro
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    I bought GSA search engine ranker, but I never use it in this year. This type of backlinks can be use for tier-2 backlink with carefully plan.
    Need Quality Backlinks: Check Out How To Buy Quality Backlinks in 2018?
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    Don't do auto backlinks or any software like this because its not good for site rankings. Manual submission only safe and quick result oriented methods.
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    thanks fellas wont be thinking of it now

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    You try GSA tool. and another tool is GSR is auto commenting software. if u r spammer so u can use it... take risk but carefully. Enjoy it.
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      Originally Posted by Hasteral View Post

      You try GSA tool. and another tool is GSR is auto commenting software. if u r spammer so u can use it... take risk but carefully. Enjoy it.
      Not like to use any of the software for blog commenting. i do manually in 20 to 30 per day thts enough for me and safe.
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    We all know that Google need quality from SEO peoples. SEO is going stronger and stronger in these days by Google's quality algorithms. So keep do all the things manually. This isn't safe for your website.

    Know about HTML 6 here - 10 best features of HTML 6 over HTML 5

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    No, its not safe to create backlinks by using automated method, You have to create backlinks by manual method. All the bcaklinks are must be unique and high quality.
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    In which world you are? Auto submissions are tagged as "black hat" technique, still you follow your site will be marked as spam and hence will not be seen in search engines
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    build your link manually, avoid softwares and auto-submitters bcz it's not safe !!
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    SEO and Magic Submitter are good. Quality depends also how you setup and track the quality before you automate them. Keep an eye for them.
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      True, true, do not use softwarez to create backlinkz, you will destroy your rankingz.

      If you want softwarez used to propel you in the rankingz you might want to speakz to people that actually know how to use them and have experiencez (wink, wink).

      Now the pitch is finished let's get serious. Using GSA or any other software for a blast to your main site is a recipe for disaster. It used to work a long time ago but not any longer. You need structure. You need to know what works and what doesn't and more importantly why.

      If you are going to go ahead and use the software you need layers of protection for your site. Create a few accounts on web 2.0 properties, get some contextual backlinks to them and do a distributed blast on those contextuals. Get the juice flowing up from the bottom to those properties. Slowly. Few links to the next tier, not a ton.

      You will need to find the ones that do have a dofollow link (Facebook is no follow FYI) and after you have done that and given some juice to those web 2.0 sites, you link those (and only those) to your main site.

      Even doing this needs a lot of care: you mess it up and all the work goes to waste. Ideally you want your main site to be up for a lil bit of time for a new site (three weeks works well for us) and a number of security measures need to be taken to try and preserve your site from "Do No Evil".

      Needless to say, this is the blackhat way of doing it (professionally). Then there is a number of whitehat strategies. They revolve around three big pillars: On site SEO (2015 edition, not the old school one), content strategies (including creation and distribution) and outreach (you could add manual backlinking here, we prefer to have it as a separate entity for various reasons).

      You can mix them up (elements from white hat and blackhet) and guess what you get...

      My personal preference on this regard (my partner doesn't like it, he's pure blackhatter) relies on doing a somewhat extravagant mix that so far is giving me very interesting results.

      You will hear a lot of people telling you you should never go tha blackhat road. It might be good advice. or maybe you are missing out on the people that are doing it properly and reaping the benefits. Think carefully about your choices and when you make your decision accept it comes with consequences.

      Hope this helps.

      Writer for hire

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    Do not use any softwares my friend , it will not be useful for your website .
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    Don't ever use Auto or software for SEO because its has fast effects but after you will penalize for this so work manually,it may take time but worth long life.
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    Create your own backlinks,and you will visible better in search engine for ling time period.
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    I am unable to understand this even after being well aware of bot software crap like this why people still use them. If making google fool were so easy then why we all were be doing hard work to archive ranking in google.
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    No, it is not safe, don't go with that. Manual submission is safe for your website.
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    Google strongly recommend not to use such automatic tools or softwares for submission.
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    google put auto generate baclinks to spam so i suggest you don't create auto backlinks. it's harm your website
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    google is so fast, it will detect the spam if you are spamming backlinks to your sites and then i will penalize you. So, my suggestion, don't use auto back-linking tools for spamming instead you can use them to automate some process.
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    why use autosoftware for backlinking when the SERPs have the strongest linking possibilities and in return you might be able to siphon off some traffic from those ranking backlinks
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    your better off using board posters like xrumer for affiliate marketing... thats literally monster.. hehehe.. seriously.
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