Why google is not penalizing big sites?

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Hello Guys,

I have one question regarding imdb. I know this is world's best movie information site and millions of user has submitted links of this site in millions of other websites. Half of those sites should be good pr, page authority. But i am sure lot of websites are low quality and may be penalize by google. Then why google is not penalizing imdb. If one of us will submit our site in those low quality and penalize site then our site will also got penalizing by google. Then why not imdb. Its just because this is big site or has any other reason???

Waiting for answer?
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    It's my understanding that Google won't penalize if they're no-follow links. Perhaps they are running no-follow links and as such Google is not penalizing. Not sure though, if in the even that they are do follow

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    You're obviously ignoring the fact that IMDB has millions of authority links to the point that negative links aren't even a blip on the Google radar.

    There's a difference between 100% junk fiverr gig link profiles & established authority link profiles.
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    If a site looks big by Google's standards a bunch of poor links wont affect them.

    If IMDB was caught running a link scheme of some sort I don't believe that Google would even hesitate to let them know about it. There's several high-profile cases where Google has penalized big players. Why you don't see more of that? Well, that kind of huge sites don't run on their own, and they likely have a team of dedicated webmasters or at least contractors. If Google gives them an ultimatum it's a red alert. They will have to get their stuff together ASAP. When a site or a company is big enough Google might also communicate via their representatives and work with them to solve the issue, and not only post a popup in Webmaster Tools.

    The cases where Google penalizes big players and makes it public are the ones where there was such a blatant link scheme that Google needed to make an example of the company.
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    Who told me this? An ex Google web spam engineer.

    What's your excuse?
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    Don't think that due to submitting one link for that site it's affecting, It's penalized because of some other activities which may violated the terms and condition of a search engine
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  • Because big sites are called authority sites. They are massive and google loves them
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    IMdb may have low quality backlinks but what i am assuming they would have enough high quality backlinks to over power those bad links.
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