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Hey Warriors out there.,

I know you guys all are busy at doing SEO and building back links to your website. I have just 1.5 years of experience. I have read many Google updates articles in recent time that all are stating that Google mainly focuses to give right information to their users for what they want from google exactly.

This is the reason that Google had rolled out many algorithms likely

  • Panda for contents,
  • Penguin for spammy links and Black hat SEO ,
  • Humming Bird for relevant SERPs along with knowledge graph,
  • Pigeon for Improving local searches,
  • Phantom more like Panda(Quality update),
  • Mobilegeddon for Responsive web design,
  • Pirate for copying contents from thirty parties which is being copyrighted.

We all know that Quality Contents what matters in SEO all time without keyword stuffing and link farming.
Probably we all create unique contents, right ?
But the problem here that is, Many of us create unique content and put two or three keywords inside it and make that as hyperlinked to your business website. Am I right ?
We done all these in instant approval do-follow article websites, blogger and other web 2.0 that you are familiar with.

Another thing is using do-follow forum websites and put your more that keywords as signatures and then started threading or reply to the threads which you known answers.

I have seen here in this forum, many of us did the same thing for building back links without knowledge of Penguin updates.

Remember, Penguin 2.1 update targeted forum spam and do-follow blogging or web 2.0.

Penguin mainly targets spammy links which may have been presented in your profiles, signatures and your blogs.
So beware of this and don't think like Google is just a machine, we cheat it easily. Google is lot better than all of us today.

Google wants the thing that presented in the internet at only once. Keep that in mind and let do the things properly which may get long time but producing constant result.

My Final word is Please be aware of all Google algorithms, didn't you know it before, no problem, let start reading and know about the things that google wants from us always.

Thanks for reading this.
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