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I am a wedding photographer currently based in Spain. I am moving back to Scotland and I have a question about my site...

I am currently ranked page 1 of google for various search terms in Spain. Now my original throughts where to create a new site and follow the same steps as before for ranking purposes. The site is up and running however I am now not sure this was the way to go....

Would it be better to just "aim" my existing site to Scotland? If so, how do I do this and what sort of impact would this have on my rankings?

Hope this question make sense - I am sleep deprived due to my baby so this could just be a load of rambling nonsense!!

Thanks all
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    If a site is doing well on Google, it will be easier for the site to rank for any other keyword due to domain authority, you might start thinking of focusing on Scotland based keywords you wish to rank for. If I were you I will not remove the Spain-based Keywords but create other pages that I will use to rank for on my new country..

    Remember your website is your brand
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    It all depends on a few different factors. Is your site in Spain ranking well because the domain name is an exact match for the terms you are ranking for. Google does gives more authority to domains that are older. So it might be in your interest to keep your site and transfer only if the site is not ranking because of the terms you are ranking for are not in your domain.
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  • According to me, If you are able to rank your site for Spain keywords then It means your site Domain authority is very trusted to Google and believe me, Keywords plays a most important role in ranking any site.
    So as you said, You are now moving to Scotland so I would suggest you to write another landing page or another article for your site based on keywords which could be beneficial for your site in Scotland.

    Chetan Gupta, Founder of Black Friday Deals , HostGator Black Friday , BlueHost Black Friday

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