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Hello everyone!

I am looking for a keyword tool that can give me suggestions of a certain sentence.

It's har to explain what I am looking for, but let's say I would like to find keywords that contain the words "how much does (xxxx) cost".

In this case I would like to know what kind of products people are interested to see the price/cost of so potential keywords could be:

"How much does an xbox cost"
"How much does a macbook cost"
"How much does an orange squeezer cost"
etc etc.

Is there any keyword tool that can help me to find popular keywords that look match "how much does" + different keyword + "cost"?

If I use let's say I can only put in the first parts of the keywords I am looking for. In this case a could only type in "How much does a" and I would miss the "cost" part since that would come after the keyword.

I hope you understand. Sorry for my english.
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      Originally Posted by MINDKC View Post

      Just in 2 minutes Key Collector aggregated successfully 788 keywords about your sample with "how much does * cost". I can give you a full 14-day free license to try.
      Hi MINDKC,

      Does this tool has any specific feature to find long tail keywords suggestions, I have been using MS for 2 years but when it comes to long tail keyword suggestion MS isn't that great.

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      Really this tool works? I love to check this Key Collector, Thanks for this useful suggestion.
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    mathspp22, of course it works . Here is a screenshot of those keywords. It contains keywords from KWT, suggestions (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and related queries.

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      The most useful technique for keyword research is that keyword planner. It is easy way to find keywords for websites.


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    kural, it does. Key Collector uses an algorithm for searching much more search suggestions than you can find in browser. Also it allows you to send several keywords in one time in a few clicks. Just give a task, drink a coffee, and it's done - all keywords are here. And it's not only about collecting data. The next question is how to analyze picked keywords. And there Key Collector has many useful functions again.
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  • To find such keywords, Google Instant preview would be the great method. You may have already noticed when you type something in Google search box then Google start giving some suggestions. Right?
    That suggestion will help you to find new keywords.

    Chetan Gupta, Founder of Black Friday Deals , HostGator Black Friday , BlueHost Black Friday

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    Originally Posted by herman12 View Post

    I am looking for a keyword tool that can give me suggestions of a certain sentence.
    Aside from keyword tools that cannot satisfy your needs, take time to explore in different platforms within the active online community. Notice the conversations that is related to your field and you will find set of keyword phrases that can be use to target your audience more effectively compared to keyword tools.
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    Google instant suggestions are great for that. Type "how much does *cost" Use asterisk for hidden keywords in between.
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