Suggest me some new off page seo techniques for my website

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Anybody here to suggest me some new off page seo techniques for my website.
My website based on cookies cutter product. It is eCommerce website and this is my website URL: Please check this link and share your useful information.
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    Hello there! Here's some more off-page activities you can do for your website:

    1. Social bookmarking
    2. Guest posting
    3. Local business listings
    4. Article submission
    5. Social media
    6. Photo sharing
    7. Video submission
    8. Blog commenting

    Hope this will help you.
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      Hello Leilapearse,
      Thanks for the information.
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      • Best off page seo techniques: Guest Posting, Forum Posting, Social Media Sharing, Link Building, Blog commenting & More detail good SEO practice read the blog second online income
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          Hello Secondonlineincome,
          I already use these techniques.Can you suggest me some more beside these.
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    1. Submit Your Site to Website Feedback Sites

    2. Broken Link Building

    Broken Link Buildin is the process of finding 404 pages (pages doesn't work anymore) & try to contact people still linking to them to get backlinks.
    Find 404 pages of your competitors by using tools like
    Create a great piece of content by looking to the 404 pages with the WayBackMachine & copy the subject or the idea
    Contact people linking to this page &ask them for a Link by mentioning that you found them linking to the 404 page

    3. Infographics

    submit your infographic to infographic sharing sites, like these:

    4. Google+ Profile

    You can get do-follow backlink from google plus ABOUT section
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    People above me already gave u lot of good suggestions, but i think instead of seo you can target pinterest to grow your brand and get some really interested viewers. Your site looks good and images r really nice, and pinterest is full of female users who r interested in cooking and fashion so it will be ideal place for your business to grow. just ya thought, if ur doing it already then good work. cheers
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