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Hey, Warrior's!

I'm Bishal Biswas, a full time Internet Marketer, and have been doing this since 2011. I mainly blog at Viral Blog Tips, and manages a good number of micro & affiliate sites.

I'm pretty new to Warrior Forum so want to make some good connection within this community. So, coming to main topic -

While browsing across the forum, I found pretty much like a gazillion times that people asking for "The Best SEO Tools" to leverage during their optimization process.

So I thought to make a separate thread and list all the tools I'm and have been using since long and expect "YOU" guys doing the same to grow this thread.

Here's the tool list:

1) Ahrefs: Perfect for backlink analysis.

2) OpenSiteProfiler: Is free, and pretty the same as Ahrefs.

3) Moz: Ideally is used to check the DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority)

4) SEMRush: I mainly use to find out more information about the keywords my competitors are targeting, where exactly are they ranking, and so on good stuffs.

5) I use this to figure out some of the best expired domains for my PBN sites. All you need is to do "correct" filter in order to get the best possible domain with good authority.

6) Majestic: Mainly to check TF (Trust Flow) and Citation Flow (CF) and I make sure it's above 15 for my expired domains.

7) This is a great tool in order to niche down a broad keyword. It usually gives you around 300 suggestion of long tail keywords, and it works great.

8) Google Keyword Planner: It's free, and provides enough details for you to determine whether or not you should hit the keyword hard with strategic SEO.

9) Wayback Machine: It allows you to look at how the website looks at past. Ideal for determining whether an expired domain was a spam site or was earlier used as PBN.

10) You add your's
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