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I got a question about Google Adwords. I got a email for a 100.00 credit so I started a new account. I owe some money on the other Adwords account but I want to utilize this new account. Will they let me use the 100.00 credit at first? Then charge me after it is used up? Or is there a payment first?

My first account was ok but I lost some money experimenting around and really want to maximize this 100.00 credit and payback my other google account. When I set my bids they always seem too low for budget to display. I want to start small and work on ramping my campaigns. What is a good CPC and Daily budget to start off with? Any experts who remember the days of struggling with Campaigns let me know a good start please =)

I am trying to think more laterally instead of Deep when it comes to keyword search this has been a ton of my problems lately! Also I have been working on Quality Score a lot too.

Thanks for Help in Advance!
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