Any idea what to do about this troubling review coming up under my results?

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Hello guys:

I have somebody that has written a "review" of my ebook, in order to bash it, and then send people to their product.

It's very obvious what they're doing, to me, but to a consumer, it might be enough to cast doubt on the quality of my product.

I have found out that this person has two identical sites, with the same reviews (he reviews bunches of products, bashes them, then sends them to his affiliates on the side - shady pharmacies).

These two sites have a bunch of duplicate content, but still rank.

It's the duplicate that is gaining ranking somehow, even though it's an obvious copy.

Is there somewhere I can report this to google? There's not enough use of my content for a copyright claim. Thanks.
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    You can file a scam or spam report to Google. They don't necessarily react in any way, but this sounds like a something that they might count as spam.
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    Who told me this? An ex Google web spam engineer.

    What's your excuse?
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    Google does not care about duplicate content on multiple sites.

    From your description, I do not see anything that is report worthy.

    Your best bet is to rank enough pages to knock them off the first page.
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    As far as Google is concerned you could have just as easily taken the duplicate content from your competition.
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