Google not Index my website?

by qdu291
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Dear all,

I submitted and fetch my domain on Google Search Console couple days ago but until now when I check index status, the total index till be 0. I don't know why. Please help me

Thank you.
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    Please check your site content and duplicate content of the site.
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    Can you give us some details about your site, is it built with wordpress?
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    Add sitemap to your website and add your website on Google business. More importantly try and update it regularly. When I did them my website was indexed quickly
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    Try sign up and post an article with your website link on free platforms like blogspot or tumblr and then ping them using pingoat or sumthing similar.. it will get indexed
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    Sure, but you need to tell us your site URL. It's quicker to check the obvious problems than try to guide you to check them.
    Links in signature will not help your SEO. Not on this site, and not on any other forum.
    Who told me this? An ex Google web spam engineer.

    What's your excuse?
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    Tks all,
    My website address is P1 Targeting App Review - Get top with the best keyword
    I also write an article, make backlink, create site map, ping backlink, etc. but until now Google still not index my site.
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    Your site is already indexed..
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    yes your site is already index
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    Your site is indexed under www domain name or not www ? Your website has a sitemap.xml yet? you try to check your robots.txt file?

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    Its crawling check "" on google without quotes or click here

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    Your site is already 18 pages index for google . so, please download for seo quake and test your website ..
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    Can you please give me your website url... So i can search about it more
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    If you already have done with the site map and all the necessesery stuff than keep waiting! I have seen google indexing website even after months. You can also check whether your host is offering a service for quick indexing or not? There are a few host which assist their customers for quick indexing at google, but against a fee....
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    check Manuel actions in Google webmaster tools maybe your domain is banned from Google

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    Submit your sitemap to Google// Ping.. if both of them doesn't help, check if your website is not blacklistd by Google!

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  • Please check your robots.txt file and create site map again and then fetch your site in google it will indexed.
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    If the site is new give it sometime and google will index your site.
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    when did u create your site if it is new it takes some time to crawl u r site and get indexed,,,
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