Local SEO - Renting Multuiple Offices / Mailing Addresses?

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Now I know it's okay to rent multiple office locations and have a Google+ location for them, even if you don't regularly use the office. Many businesses are "by appointment only" anyway.

We all also know that geographic proximity to the user's location or search intent location is a pretty big factor as far as local organic ranking factors.

It would seem to me someone could rent UPS boxes in multiple locations and create Google+ locations for them. I would imagine though that Google would begin building a database of location addresses like this. But would they even care if the business has designated themselves as "by appointment only" ? You could easily have a multi-suite building where UPS is one suite and so they might be 123 Broadway Ave Suite 523 and each mailbox address would be 123 Broadway Ave Suite 523-{mailbox number}. But it's probably rare UPS business locations don't have a non suite address.

Has anyone tried this? Results?

---- update ----

Well I may have answered my own question by taking a closer look at Google search results where they show map results also. I scrolled through three pages of business listings for the map results, and 100% of them had detailed addresses. So it appears any business that doesn't check the box "I also do business at my location" on their Google+ My Business Listing isn't going to get listed anyway, so that throws out the utility of the UPS address strategy from a maps listing SEO perspective does it not?
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    You can try it, but those are not valid physical locations.

    Google has changed maps many times, trying to keep
    a jump on schemers.

    For example, they now only show 3 listings.

    I believe they have changed more things in the listings as well
    to further clamp down. I don't think google+ is even
    in the mix anymore.


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