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Hi Currently I'm doing SEO for a particular website targeting I found some keywords are on top of Yahoo and Bing search. I did not concentrate much for those search engines. In those keywords are in 4 or 5 page but in Yahoo and Bing the same keywords are showing in 1 and 2 page.
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    Yahoo will not give 100% pure bing results. Yahoo likes to
    toss some of their stuff in there.

    Google is much better (at least the effort) at giving
    current results and trying to figure out what a searcher
    actually wants. If someone types bread, do they want
    a recipe, the group, bakery, money, etc.?

    I believe those two differences are the biggest ones.

    In fact, a funny thought just occurred to me. Perhaps a
    more naked search done on bing gives a more naked search.
    Google 99.99% of the time never gives a naked search.

    Bing does do some personal, especially with rewards. I can't
    even fathom how rewards factor into search results.

    I don't think anyone here has ever given a more thorough answer
    than I just did about the differences.

    It will be very elementary example, but doing a search for blue
    widgets on bing might give the best optimized pages for
    pure blue widgets, whereas google will try and figure out just
    what about blue widgets do you want.

    And that very simple example could by why you get different results
    for your page.

    A lot of people say they rank higher on bing than google. They concentrate
    too much on certain things, not enough on the other.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    One thing I have seen is that Bing seems to put a lot of weight in backlinks coming from older urls
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    You just concentrate and try to rank in google , other search engine will automatic ranked your site
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    Traffic from Bing + Yahoo search just more than 20% total search, so too inefficient to do.
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    While Yahoo and Bing aren’t identical in their search results, they are extremely similar due to Yahoo’s search engine being powered in large part by Bing. This means optimizing for Bing will likely get you up in Yahoo as well. Keep in mind, some of the tactics that work for Bing may hurt your Google ranks, and it’s rarely worth sacrificing Google results for Bing and Yahoo. Taking that into consideration, make sure you know the effects of these tactics on Google results before you implement them to optimize for search engines with smaller market share.
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