If You Want the Best Links in the World, You Have to Create Awesome Content, Simple as That.

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So I've been reading tons and tons of posts about people offering SEO services and promising this and that in regards to links and rank... but it seems a lot of these individuals are using "tricks"... i.e. submitting to low-tier blog networks, forums, sketchy directories, etc.

Simple put... you get what you pay for... or you have to put in the time yourself.

There is no cheap solution to great SEO and there is no easy solution to great SEO.

If you want to rank well... then create relevant, extraordinary content for your site, then reach out to journalists of top-tier sites that write about that type of content and ask them if they want to cover it.

It's really that easy.

I create content for clients that consistently gets placed (with a nice, big dofollow link) in sites like Huffington Post, Mashable, CNET, Popular Mechanics, Wired, etc.

I can tell you 100% it is all about the content and the outreach. If you put some time and effort into this, it is actually pretty easy to get the best backlinks in the world for your site.

Look at creating exclusive studies about interesting stuff, or create some cool animated graphics, a neat image album, or a cool video...(hate to say this but infographics are dying out in terms of the big sites).

Just two cents from someone who has had a lot of success with top-tier link building.

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    It doesn't have to be awesome content, it only needs to serve a purpose.
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