How to Find New Sites for Link Building?

by knn125
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Hi all,

How to find new sites for link building which is having high PR, do follow and links accepting?

I use to find new sites.

What are your methods?
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    Just Google it is "High PR link building sites for SEO"... you will get lots of websites that will tell you some genuine ways !
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    Google your niche and add link partners to it.

    For example: Doghouses "link partners"

    Now you will see websites that are about your niche and except link partners.


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    Everyone goes on google to get new sites.What all depends how correctly you have chosen your keyword.
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      Check the SERPs

      Good linking sites are all over the place for linking
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    Spy On your competitiors

    Use a tool such as ahrefs or majesticSeo or MozPro
    to find backlinks of your competitors

    Then you have a big list of places to build backlinks on

    Try Link Bait technique also :-)
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    Stay natural keep googling your niche to find relevant websites for link sharing. Mean time put your niche on social platforms and keep them updated. YouTube,FaceBook,Twitter,Google+,etc etc
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    Looking for links is not the first step to linkbuilding.

    The first step is making something worth linking to.

    Find an article or guide in your niche that has received significant attention / links from others. Now make something that blows it out of the water. Is it "12 Ways to Win at Baseball"? Then you're going to make "200 Ways to Win at Baseball".

    Contact those who linked to the first one and present your vastly improved content. They'd have to be crazy not to link! Well, a lot of them won't -- but done right, you'll get a significant response rate.

    This method is basically Brian's Skyscraper Technique from Backlinko -- I'd recommend reading his full article.
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    If the niche is really competitive use Moz website or Ahrefs and check your BIGGEST competitor's backlinks!

    A blog that will show you How to Lose Weight with a cool Quick Weight Loss guide...
    Also enjoy some of my favorite Funny pictures and photos that will make you smile :)

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    Backlinckwatch and Ahrefs to get an idea of where your competitors making their links.
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    Simply Yahoo and google it is "High PUBLIC REALTIONS url making sites regarding SEO"... you're going to get a lot of internet sites that will let you know some genuine ways.
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    You can try something of this:
    Google Similar Pages
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    try Backlinckwatch for getting similar site.
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