Adsense isn't "sensing" my content on one page...

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This is strange.

Yesterday I created a blog surrounding "Niche A" and added one AdSense block to the pages. Everything worked perfectly.

Today I created a new blog surrounding "Niche B." I used the existing ad block, but instead of picking up the new content it displayed ads surrounding Niche A.

I'm using pages rather than posts (for better organization) and forcing the blog to use one page as the home page. This page is the only one that's not displaying correctly - all of the other pages are showing ads for the new niche. What's even weirder is that when I navigate directly to that page via its full URL, the ads display correctly on this page too. Something is going on with the way WP displays the home page when it's forced to display a single page, but I can't find it.

I've checked the template, the footer, really everything I can think of, and I can't see any reference to Niche A. When I "view source" none of the Niche A keywords are there.

I'm at a loss.

- - - UPDATE - - -

I've cleared my cache. I've tested the page in three different browsers on my machine and a fourth on another machine.

They are all displaying the wrong ad on that page only.

- - - LAST UPDATE - - -

I turned off the "home page displays a single page" option in Wordpress and turned on a redirect in cpanel. It works.

I don't like not knowing the cause, but at least it's working.
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