Local SEO: UPS Store versus PO Box

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I have a home based business. I know on the likes of Google Places, you can opt to hide your physical address. However I'm concerned there's risk of my home address still finding it's way into citations on other directories.

I also have a USPS P.O. Box which I've been using for my business address.

Would there be any advantage to getting a mailing address that isn't a PO Box (UPS Store mailbox). I would guess some of the lesser directories aren't as smart as Google about figuring out if the address is a mailbox provider but also may be smart enough to discount PO Boxes (or even forbid using them.)

So the jist of my question is, is there any advantage to getting a non-PO box mailing address (like UPS store) as far getting listings in places like SuperPages, Yellow Pages, Dex Knows, etc. I've been using the PO Box for a long time so I'm probably going to have to have both then as it will take a while to update my mailing address with all the companies I've done/do business with.
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