Does Using Lots of H2-6 Heading Tags on Home Page Effect My SEO?

by RAV101
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I'm building a site using a Premium WP Theme and I'm limited to what fonts/font sizes I can select for different sections/elements of homepage unless Im prepared to assign or use Heading Tags H2-H6 (where i can configure font type/size) to get the look and feel I want. Also I don't know CSS to go the DIY styling route

So my question is:

If I use H2-H6 Heading Tags throughout the home page, in an unstructured way, to acheive the design-look-and-feel Im after - will this effect SEO on the site???

I read and quote another WF members comments below as to how Heading Tags should be used..."Its use should be based around hierarchy, H1 is generally used for the main header title for a section of a page whereas H2 would be the title for a subsection of this. Think of them like chapter and section headings in a book where the first chapter (<h2>) starts right after the title of the book (<h1>). The h2 tag should generally be a description of the h1 tag."

Note - The SERP SEO Page Tile and H1 Tag will include target Keywords Im really talking about using H2-H6 Tags

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