Blog doesn't has website field, If I comment on it, Is this SPAM?

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I commented on a relevant blog to my niche but this blog doesn't has "Your Website" field, if I commented with useful tips and inserted my blog URL by HTML code, does this considered SPAM?

I am looking for your suggestions!

Thank You
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    I guess, the blog post you want to give comments on is using an app. A comment app, just like Disquss or Comment Luv. These apps don't openly display URL field, but if you have accounts with these commenting/discussion sites, you have the option to add your website URL in your profile. Please check...

    It is a rule that's commonly accepted in blog commenting that we should not include links or URLs in the blog comment itself, unless it is being asked by the blogger or the people involved in the discussion. I mean, the link is being asked just like in reference of what.

    If you're commenting for backlinks, then it would be better if you find blogs or websites that use old style of blog commenting where the name of the one commenting is pointing to his selected page or home page. Blogs that don't have that feature, or new blogs using social media comments such as FB comments, Disquss or Comment Luv don't contribute much to your site's SEO as compared to those blogs allowing backlinks through commenting.

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    Thanks GomerMagtibay, I need more suggestions.

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    If it was my website and someone tried dropping links like that I would certainly label it as spam and block their IP address.
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      The website owner could have included a field for your link if they wanted to, but chose not to, so I'd consider circumventing their decision spamming.

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    It depens.. If the owner think it's okay, then no problem..
    He will not approve (or delete) the comment if he feels like you are spamming anyway..
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      Okay, first of all if the blog does not have any website field to put your URL, then you shouldn't add you website in between in the comment, as direct links or in HTML format.

      It will marked as SPAM.

      However, if in the blog any particular mention you can see, where mentioned it's possible to add link through HTML code, you can then add your link.

      If you place an useful link to add value to the post, that's not spam. As long as blog admin moderates it and found the link useful as well.
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    If they have a spam plugin installed it's fairly likely that your comment will be in the review queue. Depends on the blog of course, but I see no reason why a blogger would not post a useful comment even if it has a link.
    Links in signature will not help your SEO. Not on this site, and not on any other forum.
    Who told me this? An ex Google web spam engineer.

    What's your excuse?
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    If you are leaving blog comments and your entire intent is simply to get backlinks, it is spam. You can try to justify it any way you want, but you are a spammer.
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