9 Smartest SEO Tips For Small Businesses In 2016

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Small businesses always suffer with SEO. In most cases they have less professionals, time, and money to invest for top SEO rank. Irrespective of this, they still need more organic traffic than big brands. Since big brands have lots of budget for outbound marketing which small business can’t afford. But worry not, here are 9 Small business SEO Tips for you.

1. Select the Right Keywords:
As a small business owner you need to identify keyword competition. Having lots of search volume is not enough to get targeted traffic. You need to know how much competition you can beat with the right keywords. Therefore make sure you are investing a good amount of time to find keywords that can drive some leads with less effort. And Google has ideal webmaster tools that you could use.

2. SEO Friendly Design and Content:
You can’t get ranks with just backlinks. You need a SEO friendly design and content structure. This is the most important part to ensure your organic traffic. So make sure you know how to do it or hire someone experienced.

3. Create a Blog:
More content means more opportunities. Without a blog you can create shareable content. People love to share educative content. And to post educative content you need a blog where you can regularly write to educate, inform, or persuade anyone who might seek your services. For every blog post leave a space for longtail comment and a share button to make it easy for anyone who intends to share your post. If possible include a line that encourages them to share.

4. Focus on Local Networks:
Hiring an SEO professional is great, but you should also work to create professional networking. Sometimes for having a good network you can get lots of backlinks followed by referral traffic. So focus on local and global networks. Forum is the best option. You can connect with me on this forum.

5. Contextual Backlinks:
Backlinks nature has been changed. You can still do old school link building but it will not give you much benefits. Even spammy activities can cause penguin penalty. The smart way to create backlinks is through building content and engaging with others. So focus on contextual backlinks.

6. Don’t think I am done:
Many small business owners think that SEO is a onetime project. Don’t think like that. It is a continuous process as long as you are running your business. It’s kind of race. So always play the game and keep your trophy.

7. Linkable Assets:
For small business it is a tough job to create linkable assets, mainly through tool building. That’s why you can either find a white label tool or create a short course, a pdf guide or a video lesson to give something to your visitors and convince them to become your customers.

8. Social Networking:
This is the simple SEO trick that any small business can use. The fact that social networks offer free awareness makes it even quite intriguing to use. But don’t just sit there and wait for your social network to pick up. Share new offers, engage your followers, post long content, and in all ways focus on keeping your account active.

9. Write Guest Posts:
Even when you don’t have a blog, as a small business contributing original, unique, and efficient content for a guest website is awesome. With this you will get well deserved backlinks that will really help you to get noticed and ranked with Google during their indexing. This is only a boost on a SEO friendly design and content structure.

I believe these tips will really help you grow your small business further. But if you need any help feel free to contact me. Otherwise share these tips with your loved ones. Have a profit building year
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    Informative post
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      Great share... 2016 will be the new era in digital marketing. So many new things to come and current digital marketing strategy will definitely get changed.
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    Already noted all of these tips and looking forward to use these tips wisely. Let's see what result brings out the 9 small business tips of 2016.
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    Useful tips for newbies. That's all thing I'm doing.
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    completely time waste article , can you distinguished any single point which was not applying in 2015 or even in 2014 , Nice time wast
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