Non-unique content site heavily penalized by Google.

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We know that Non-unique content is now heavily penalized by Google. Price comparison sites which return results scraped from other sites are now rated much lower then before. A good example is what happened to this UK comparison site called Foundam, it completely disappeared from the Google search results for all of the key words it targeted.
P.S It is now in the results but that is because it was covered in the UK national press by the likes of the Guardian, in the last few days:

Google Delusion
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    thanks madison,
    did not pay attention to the website you mentioned.
    but that's true google will take actions to duplicated contents.
    an alarm to those websites...
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    thank-you, that was a good article. You would think that thats a monopoly. How long before google gets hit like microsoft did?

    Be who you want to become, every second of every day. Make it true!

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    Just use contentboss to spin some unique articles, and build authority back links to it, should help your site ranking.

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    Google's war on affiliate marketing will land them in court sooner or later, both in the US and EU.

    They kind of remind me of the way AT&T was back in the 60's and 70's...

    "Privileged information, Oh, Mr. Beedle, that's so cute"
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    "As I look through your income tax return of 1965!"
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    I think Google doesn't like these sort of sites because they see them as are competing with Google. If people stay on these "scraper" sites to search for the products, then they are doing less Google searches so there is less opportunity for adwords revenue.
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