Newbie Finally Making Money - Brilliant ''PPC'' Technique Used.

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What's up fellow warrior,

I am finally starting to see some money and so it's time to share.
I've had been into affiliate marketing for the past 6 months, having earned a little less than $ 150. But in the last 3 days, I've managed to collect over $ 200 in affiliate sales!

Here's how I did it.

Since a month I've started using the program, SEnuke to automatically create backlinks using article submissions, social bookmarks, RSS feeds, profile nukes and social network submissions. (I did not yet use the video submission nuke)

I did not make a lot of money at first, but I soon found out I was targeting completely impossible keywords (which I would never rank #1 for).

So I started again, from scratch and used SEnuke's batch research to find profitable keywords regarding Clickbank products.
I soon found a list of keywords that I could target which Google estimated had quite a number of searches (3.600 - 8.100/month)

I then used SEnuke and SEO for Firefox (plugin) to check the competition, and it would be extremely easy or easy to rank for these keywords.

Then I used the following brilliant method, to determine exactly the number of searches, which I got from the SEnuke forums. Here it is:

1. Use the google keyword tool to create a large keyword list.
2. Run SEnuke's batch research and sort by Google results, then export to CSV.
3. Open the CSV in excel and copy all the keywords that are "extremely easy" or "easy".
4. Go to
5. Create a PPC campaign with all these keywords. Make sure to wrap them in [ and ] for exact match only.
6. Set your PPC bid price really high, and write a totally irrelevant ad. If your keywords are about timberland shoes, write an ad about polka dot ice cream. You don't want people clicking your ad. Point it to a random landing page.
7. Come back 24 hours later... check the "impressions" beside each keyword.
8. Target the one that got searched the most

Why do we do this? Doesn't the google keyword tool already tell you how many searches a keyword gets? The simple answer is NO.

The google tool just gives you estimates, that can be WAY off. I've found keywords that get searched 200 times in one day, but Google says they get searched like 10 times, lol. Other times, Google has said a keyword like "albino snakes in antarctica" gets searched like 100 times in a day, when that's obviously not true.

Also, If you compare Google searches to Wordtracker search counts for the same keywords, you'll see a large discrepancy between many search counts. To overcome all these problems, I use this adwords trick. And since the data you gather from these campaigns only stays with YOU, you can have a huge advantage over your competition.

This is an INCREDIBLY powerful trick that VERY few people use. It tells you 100% what the search volume is on a keyword within 24 hours.. and since you know the keyword is easy to rank for, it's GOLD.

Edit: Please make sure to turn OFF the Content Network!! You only need impressions from Google's search result pages.
Also, if you are an Adwords advertiser, make sure to create a SEPARATE Adwords account to do this because it will negatively affect your account history because of the low CTRs.

Then I've used SEnuke to target these keywords and I'm already starting to see results, even though I'm not yet ranking in the top 3 of my targeted keywords.

I can only imagine what the future beholds for me. And on top of that I'm now checking out the PPC offers, which are extremely cheap as well, but this is absolutely new for me.

I seriously advise you to check out SEnuke, besides, there's a 7-day trial version and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Just go to and PM me if you need help.

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