Can I generate my own search terms?

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Just wondering if I can generate my own search term in order to "shift" search trends? Let's say I am selling snickers and let's say there nobody optimized for the keyword "glowing in the dark sneakers". Can I create for example silo and top element will be "glowing in the dark sneakers" and sub silos will be "green", "red" etc.... After that start building link base to this silo, assuming I am #1 for these keywords. Where should I start building links in order for Google to pick up these keywords and start showing it in the suggestion box when someone is typing keyword "sneakers".
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    Suggested searches are based on search volumes and personalized searches. Building links will not impact that.

    The only way you can really impact search volumes is with other forms of marketing... radio, tv, mail, billboards, social media... try to create buzz around a product and get people searching for it. That can cost thousands, if not millions of dollars.
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    One thing I've always thought would be interesting to test would be to find a real popular niche that is always wanting to download something free. Next, add an internet shortcut link inside the download with a Google Search URL pointing to a custom made keyword to see how long it takes for the keyword to show up in Google Suggest. This way all the traffic would be organic & launching their own default browsers from legit IPs (no proxies).

    I already know traffic will click the links, I've been running those inside my download site files for years, I just haven't tested the Google search because I don't want to piss off or confuse my traffic.
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    no you can't create but ones your site popular with this title tag search terms automatically created.
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    I've seen this happening. I did it before. I created the term and my site was #1 for that term. After that I started doing link building and used anchor text of that keyword. The whole search shifted. After that thousands of copy cats picked it up...
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