7 Pointless Traffic Generation Tactics You Should Stop Using Today

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Hello all warrior members,

Here is one article that can help you regarding SEO. I find it useful to share here.

"Traffic generation tactics have changed and there are many mistakes intertwined with effective practices. This article highlights the most common ones to avoid."

7 Pointless Traffic Generation Tactics You Should Stop Using Today
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    Thanks for sharing it here. In 2016 we all have to add more effort for doing a successful SEO. This type of blogs can help us to do not do wrong things.
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    So, yet again it gets back to providing value.

    Sure, there will always be ways of gaming the system... but why fight against to giants (Google et al) when you can just give them what they want? As the article clearly indicates, it's all about providing high quality, engaging content in a way that is natural and real.

    - Identify a problem.
    - Create a solution to the problem.
    - Charge a fee to provide the solution.

    That's how you make money which is the main point of driving traffic in the first place isn't it?
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    Good article. However I disagree with point 7.

    Sometimes (and even more when starting), traffic is the most important even before monetising the website.

    What's the point of spending hours improving your conversion strategy if you are only getting 10 visitors per day?

    Apart from that, perfect article!
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