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Hello Warriors,

Just want to ask if you know an SEO and online PR management company that specializes in the Japanese market?

PROBLEM: Our competitors are implementing a smear campaign and a negative SEO campaign against us -- At the moment, we think there are one or two of our competitors that are doing these things ...

SOLUTION: What we need are the following --

1. Useful, relevant, top quality guest blog postings in heavily trafficked blogs in Japan that are related to our niches in technology;

2. Natural, relevant, top quality threads and replies in heavily trafficked Web forums in Japan that are related to our niches in technology;

3. Relevant, top quality contextual backlinks in popular tech sites of Japan;

4. Natural, relevant, top quality social posts in popular social pages and online social communities in Japan that are related to our niches in technology;

5. Attention-grabbing, top quality PR materials that will be distributed across significant media networks and channels in Japan that are related to our niches in technology; and

6. Other things like PBNs that will help us achieve our objectives ...

OBJECTIVES: These are our main objectives --

1. To effectively curb the negative effects of the campaigns that our competitors are implementing against us in Japan;

2. For users in Japan to see us and our offsite materials when they search for us and other exact match keywords that are related to our brand, products and services in the most widely used search engines in Japan -- This also means we should bury the onsite and offsite materials of our competitors;

3. To promote positive recognition of our brand, products and services across heavily trafficked Web forums, blogs, sites and online social communities among other popular online places that are heavily trafficked by our target users in Japan; and

4. To be published in authority news media outlets and PR distribution channels in Japan that have significant traction and reach across our target user markets in Japan ...

NOTES: We have a significant monthly budget for this; and

We need these campaigns to start in the next few days, and not in the next few weeks ...

Any recommendations? Please advise. We'll greatly appreciate your help ...

Thanks in advance!
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